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The Major Stats (Trainer, Seeker, Adventurer, and Specialist) are the base skills that influence the skills in their arena. They can only be raised by leveling. You can raise a skill up to 4D beyond the influencing Stat, using Character points.

Every 10 levels, Trainer’s earn +1 pip for every Major Stat.

Charisma: These skills depend on your strength of personality.
– Capture Pokemon Used to help capture Pokemon.
– Handle Pokemon Used to get a Pokemon to obey / listen to you if it is incapable or just plain disobedient.
– Inspire This skill can be used to motivate a Pokemon to do better in Battle or Contests.
– Perform This skill mostly used in Pokemon Contests, but you can use it to great effect in battle.
– Persuasion This skill is used with other people, when you want to convince them of something.
Wisdom: These skill depend on your common sense and judgement.
– Groom Pokemon When you groom a Pokemon, you can increase its Happiness rating.
– Perception This skill relates to how observant you are of your surroundings.
– Treat Injury You can use this skill to give First Aid to a person. Long term care is best left to professionals.
– Treat Pokemon This skills is used to heal your Pokemon. You can heal them right after a battle and during mealtimes.
– Survival This skill has many uses. You can use it to find food in the wilderness, campsite preparation (firewood, dryness, etc), not getting lost, as well as your ability to survive dangerous situations.
Intellect: These skills depend on your memory, reasoning, and logic.
– Initiative In battle, this determines who give orders first.
– Pokemon Breeds This is your knowledge of Pokemon breeds, for breeding purposes and condition checking.
– Geography This knowledge skill is used to help you get around and find Pokemon according to habitats.
– Pokemon Moves This knowledge skills is used when you are trying to teach a Pokemon a move that is not typically in its move set.
– Tactics This skill can be used to make checks in battle to give you an advantage.
Physique: These skills are determined by your physical abilities.
– Athletics This skill relates to activities that depend on muscle strength, like swimming, climbing, and jumping.
– Acrobatics This skill relates to activities that depend on body mobility, like balance, riding, and tumbling.
– Endurance (hp) This skill affects your Hit Points. Endurance relates to activities like biking, hiking and to how well you can take extreme conditions.
– Stealth This skill relates to how well you can sneak up on something.
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Trainer Skills

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