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Each Trainer has a certain style for choosing and raising Pokemon, as well as different skill sets. Trainer HP is Calculated in the same way as Pokemon HP, but using the Endurance Skill as the base. HP = (Endurance Dice x 18) + (Endurance Pips x 6)



These classes make up the core Pokemon training. They exceed in battle.
Class Skills are Capture Pokemon, Knowledge (Pokemon Training), Inspire Pokemon, and Endurance.

Cool Trainer
This Class specializes in capturing Pokemon, training them, and damage buffs.

Level 1 Easy Catch Doubles result from a Capture Pokemon Check. Lv. 1: 1 / day, + 1 / day every 20 levels.
Level 10 Inspire Greatness Make an Inspire Pokemon check to Boost Damage. Lv. 10: 1 / day, + 1 / day every 20 Levels.
Level 25 Easy Training Experience earned is increase by 10%. Lv. 25: 10%, + 10% every 25 Levels.
Level 40 Counter–Attack Pokemon makes an attack at the same time as the opponent. Both Pokemon roll damage. The winner damages the opponent with their attack and half their opponents attack. Lv. 40: 1 / day, + 1 / day every 20 Levels.
Level 50 Virtuoso Trainer Pokemon gets to make 2 moves in 1 turn. Lv. 50: 1 / day, Lv. 100: 2 / day

The Rogue of the Trainers, this class depends on luck and Critical Hits.

Level 1 Lucky Find You encounter an Uncommon or Rare Pokemon within the terrain type. Lv. 1: 1 / day, + 1 / day every 20 Levels.
Level 10 Lucky Shot You get to re-roll any number of dice from a damage roll. Lv. 10: 1 / day, + 1 / day every 30 Levels.
Level 25 Evasion Pokemon automatically dodges all attacks during opponents turn for one turn. Lv. 25: 1 / day, + 1 / day every 25 Levels.
Level 40 Motivation Make an Inspire check, the result is added to the Pokemon’s HP for 1D Rounds. Lv. 40: 1 / day, + 1 / day every 30 Levels.
Level 50 Called Shot If your attack hits, it is automatically a Critical Hit. Lv.50 : 1 / day, Lv.100 : 2 / day,

Rich Kid
Coming from rich families, this Class brings in the dough, manipulating the battles outcome with their status and items.

Level 1 Pay up! When you defeat another trainer, you get 50% more money. When you lose to another trainer, you only pay 75% in winnings. Passive
Level 10 Me / You First Pasive: When ever you battle, you choose who gets to go first. Passive
Level 20 Rich Parents Your parents send you an expensive gift to aid you in your adventure. Lv. 20: 1 / Month, + 1 / Month every 40 Levels
Level 35 Better Vitamins Vitamins yield 4 times more EV points for your Pokemon. Passive
Level 50 Spoiled Brat Your parents bought you a lifetime supply the best Pokemon food, specially designed to improve Pokemon combat abilities. You receive a voucher, proving who you are and what you can get at any Pokemart. This does not affect your income. Your Pokemon gain 2D in their highest Stat. Passive

Knowledge Seeker:

You want to know more about Pokemon, Training offers an opportunity to see lots of them in their natural habitats.
Class Skills are Treat Pokemon, Knowledge (Pokemon Breeds), Knowledge (Pokemon Habitats), and Knowledge (Pokemon Moves).

Pokemon Breeders improve the condition of their Pokemon, making them stronger.

Level 1 Breeder’s Kindness Pokemon start with a 50% extra happiness rating. Passive
Level 10 Breeder’s Medicine Can use Treat Pokemon check to revive Pokemon’s Hit Points. Treat Pokemon Dice / day.
Level 25 Breeder’s Grooming Pokemon can be groomed with skill check. 1 / week
Level 50 Breeder’s Wisdom Allows Pokemon Breeding. Use Knowledge (Pokemon Breeds) check to improve IV of baby Pokemon. Passive
Level 60 Breeder’s Care Add 1D to two of all your Pokemon party’s Stats under EV. Cannot be changed. Pokemon need to be in your party for a week before this takes effect. Ends upon Deposit into box. Passive

This Class specializes in creativity, being able to find rare Pokemon, and healing.

Level 1 Know Where to Look Choose specific Pokemon from the Encounter Chart up to Rare, and run an encounter. Lv. : 1 / day, + 1 / day every 10 Levels.
Level 10 Enhanced Potion Use Potions are twice as effective. Lv. : 1 / day,
Level 25 Spontaneous Evolution Roll 4D each time one of your Pokemon gains a level. If 3 dice result in a 6, the Pokemon is not at its final evolutionary stage and evolves by leveling, it evolves on the spot. Passive
Level 40 In My Spare Time Can create an item whose value is Level x 10, paying half its cost in materials. Passive
Level 50 Discover New Move You create your own Pokemon Move (only your Pokemon can learn it). 1 / Year

This Class specializes in rare Pokemon and identifying their status.

Level 1 Watcher’s Eyes and Feet Perception and Stealth are counted as a Class Skills. Passive
Level 10 Careful Sketching By making a quick Sketch (Perception check), you can determine a Pokemon’s Condition, IV, Level, and other information. Lv. : 1 / day,
Level 20 Carefully Observed When you use Careful Sketching on a Pokemon, you count it as caught in your Pokedex. Passive
Level 40 This One Is Different! You may encounter a shiny Pokemon. This one has a 1D bonus IV to 1 Stat, determined by rolling 1D. 1 / month
Level 60 Creme of the Crop Your Pokemon get +1D to one IV to one stat of your choice. Passive


You live for the adventure that Pokemon training offers.
Class Skills are Perception, Treat Injury, Knowledge (Geography), and Stealth.

Camper / Picnicker
This Class specializes in perception and getting better loot.

Level 1 Pokemon Whisperer Handle Pokemon is a Class Skill. Passive
Level 10 Score! Roll a Perception check after a battle. The result yields the appropriate item from the Loot table. Passive
Level 20 Snap out of It! Snaps a Pokemon out of sleep, confusion, attraction. Lv. : 1 / day, + 1 / day per 20 levels.
Level 40 The Opportune Moment Make a perception check, add its result to your next attack. Lv. 40: 1 / day, +1 day per 30 levels.
Level 50 Dazzle Trainer You break the opposing Trainer’s concentration, allowing you to make 2 commands in a row. Lv. 50: 1 / day, Lv. 100: 2 / day

This class specializes in absorbing damage, outlasting hard hitting Pokemon

Level 1 Hiker’s Endurance Endurance is a Class Skill. Passive
Level 10 Scrounge Berry A hiker can use a perception check to find 1D berries. Lv. : 1 / day, + 1 per 10 levels
Level 20 Rock Solid Defense Add an Endurance check to a Resistance check. Lv. : 1 / day, + 1 per 20 levels
Level 30 Shake It Off Removes one condition from a Pokemon. Lv. : 1 / day, + 1 per 40 levels
Level 50 No Weak Spot Your Pokemon can never be Critically hit. Passive

This Class is very situational. They are masters of terrain and stealth.

Level 1 Favored Foe Pick a Type. Add 1 Wild Dice to damage roll when using a move against a Pokemon with that chosen Type. + 1 Dice per 20 levels, Max 5
Level 10 Healing Hands Treat Pokemon is a Class Skill, and can be used to Heal Pokemon. Passive
Level 25 Terrain Advantage When a Pokemon is in its natural habitat, its all stats are increased by 1D. Passive
Level 40 Blend In / Surprise Attack When a Pokemon is in its natural habitat, it can hide using the Trainer’s Stealth Check vs the opponents Perception. If hidden, it get a x1.5 damage bonus for its next attack. Passive, can only be used once per battle.
Level 50 Hook, Line, and Sinker Make a Perception check vs. opponent’s Perception. If you win, You lure the opponent into a trap that allows you to make an automatic Critical Hit. Lv. 50: 1 / day, Lv. 100: 2 / day


You are more into the fun of collecting and showing Pokemon off then battling.
Class Skills are Handle Pokemon, Knowledge (Tactics), Perform, and Groom Pokemon.

This class works around a theme. They rely on move combos and play on the mechanics.

Level 1 Favored Style Choose one color or theme. Any Pokemon of that color or theme receives an extra 1D to attack and Resistance. Passive
Level 20 What Immunity? Allows you to attack with move that the opponent is normally immune. Passive
Level 30 Combo King If you use moves with a combination, they are 50% more effective. Passive
Level 40 Can’t Escape You always have a chance to hit the enemy. If you use a move that hit automatically, it does 50% more damage. Passive
Level 50 Resistance Is Futile You remove all the opponents resistance dice. Lv. 50: 1 / day, Lv. 100: 2 / day

Type Specialist
This class reward you for sticking with a specific Pokemon Type.

Level 1 Favorite Type Pick a Type. Add 1 Wild Dice when using a move of that chosen Type. Passive
Level 20 Tactical Resistance Make a Tactics check. Add the result to Resistance. Lv. : 1 / day, + 1 per 20 levels.
Level 30 Adaptability Pokemon using Same Type Attack get x2 modifier instead of x1.5. Or 2.25 If Pokemon has Adaptability Ability. Passive
Level 40 Underdog If your Pokemon has type disadvantage, your attacks deal 10% more damage. Passive
Level 50 No Weak Link If an opponent uses a move super effective against your Pokemon, it only receives x1.75 damage instead of x2. Passive

This class specializes in Pokemon Contests, but has no trouble in the battle arena.

Level 1 Beautify All Pokemon caught by a Coordinator have improved looks and style. Passive
Level 10 Well Handled Add your Handle Pokemon to your performance in Contests. Passive
Level 20 Dazzling Display Make a Performance check, then add it to a damage roll. Lv. 20: 1 / day, + 1 / day per 20 levels.
Level 35 Groomed to Perfection You Pokemon’s Happiness can give up to 2D extra damage and Resistance. Passive
Level 50 Final Showdown You break the opposing Trainer’s concentration with a dazzling Pokemon display, allowing you to make 2 commands in a row. Lv. 50: 1 / day, Lv. 100: 2 / day

Trainer Class

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