Key Items

These items are not consumed, but help you on your travels.


Standard Trainer Kit

This kit provides you with the gear to start your Pokemon journey.
Satchel, Cost: p500, add 40 capacity slots
Town Map, Cost: p100, 4 capacity slots
Mess Kit, Cost: p100, 3 slots
Sleeping Bag, Cost: p100, 4 slots
Sleeping Pad, Cost: p200, 3 slots
Total: p1,000, 14/40 slots

Standard Food Restock

5 days of Trail Rations, Cost: p5, 5 slots
for one Pokemon
5 days of Pokemon Kibble / Chews, Cost: p5, 5 slots
Multiply by your party size.

Minimum party size total: Cost: p10, 10 slots
Maximum party size Total: Cost: p35, 35 slots


These devices store information learned about Pokemon. Each upgrade costs p1000.

Name Size Description
Pokedex Type I 2 slots Contains 150 entries for Pokemon.
Pokedex Type II 2 slots Contains 250 entries for Pokemon.
Pokedex Type III 2 slots Contains 350 entries for Pokemon.
Pokedex Type IV 2 slots Contains 450 entries for Pokemon.
Pokedex Type V 2 slots Contains 550 entries for Pokemon.
Pokedex Type VI 2 slots Contains 650 entries for Pokemon.
Pokedex Type VII 2 slots Contains 750 entries for Pokemon.


You can only carry 10 item slots worth of stuff on your person. These packs allow you to carry more than 10 items slots. Not every item takes the same amount of space. Some items, like bikes, require lots of space. Food is also important, so plan for that space.

Name Price Capacity Description
Hip Bag p100 10 slots A nice small bag that hangs from your hip, with many small compartments. You can have this as well as another pack without much trouble.
Skating Bag p200 30 slots A slightly larger bag with one or two shoulder straps. Good for high adventure. You can have this as well as another pack with a little effort.
Satchel p500 40 slots A medium sized bag with a single shoulder strap.
Rucksack p800 60 slots A standard backpack with lots of room for some large items or food for long treks.
Camping Backpack p1000 75 slots This bulky pack is recommended for long travels and has lots of room for food.
Large Camping Backpack p1500 100 Slots This pack is cumbersome for serious high adventure, but it has the capacity for storing food during long treks.

Food and Cooking

While you do consume food, it is vital for you and your Pokemon to stay active. While Pokemon can eat human food, it does not give them all the vitamins they need to stay healthy and fighting fit.

Name Cost Size Satisfaction Description
Trail Rations p1 1 slots 10% This includes some hard crackers, nuts, dried fruit strips and berries. Light-weight and nutritious, it will keep you fit and healthy. 1 days worth.
Canned Food p2 2 slots 25% Beans, soups, fruit, preserved in fluid meat sews, or dried rice. If you favor the flavor, these will make a meal for for a king. 1 days worth.
MRE’s p4 1 slots 30% These Meals Ready to Eat just need water to make a nice stew, teriyaki and rice, scrambled eggs and bacon, or other meal. 1 days worth.
Flat Bread p1 2 slots 10% A simple package of 12 peta bread. 1 days worth or 1 meals worth if shared by three or four friends.
Rice Cakes p5 2 slots 50% A package of 4 sweet, delicious preserved Rice Cakes. Meant as a treat.
Pokemon Kibble / Chews p1 1 slots 10% This is pretty standard Pokemon food that will keep them healthy and fighting fit, but it is not very satisfying. 1 days worth for 1 Pokemon.
Breeder-made Kibble / Chews p3 1 slots 25% This food is specially made by a Pokemon breeder for specific Pokemon. It is tasty (to them) and very satisfying. Increases your Pokemon’s happiness rating. 1 days worth for 1 Pokemon.
Oak’s Recommended PokeFood p5 1 slots 30% This Pokefood is recommended by Professor Oak! It has to be good! Eating this food for a month Increases your Pokemon’s IV level by 1 pip permanently. 1 days worth for 1 Pokemon.
Pokemon Super-Food p7 1 slots 50% This Pokemon food is made by the top scientists for premium Pokemon health and growth. After a week of eating this Pokemon Super Food, they gain + 1D to their highest Stat, + 2D after 2 weeks. 1 days worth for 1 Pokemon.
Name Price Size Description
Mess Kit p100 3 slots A small metal bowl that doubles as a pan and a set of utensils.
Spices Kit p100 3 slots A small box with a variety of spices that improve a meals satisfaction by 10%.
Cooking Pot p50 5 slots A medium sized pot used to boil water or cook.
- - -


Name Price Size Description
Sleeping Bag p100 4 slots A standard sleeping bag, meant for temperate climates.
Heavy Sleeping Bag p200 6 slots A heavy sleeping bag, meant for cold climates.
Sleeping Pad p200 3 slots Improves satisfaction by 10%.
Inflateable Pad p300 4 slots Improves satisfaction by 20%.
2-Man Tent p500 6 slots Good for staying out of the elements, cold or wet. Improves satisfaction by 20%


Bikes improve travel speed while still keeping to the wilds to look for and train Pokemon.

Name Price Size Description
Standard Bike p1,000,000 30 slots This standard bike allows you to travel an extra 200% farther in a day on level ground. Includes a front basket (6 item slots), space tires, air pump and has some nice color and decals. In the mountains and rough terrain however, it allows you to travel at 75% speed.
Mach Bike p1,500,000 30 slots This racing bike allows you to travel 250% faster on flat terrain. Includes space tires, air pump and has some nice color and Mach-Racing decals. If used on rough or mountainous terrain, it only covers 50% of your daily travel due to its poor grip and maneuverability.
Acro-Bike p1,500,000 30 slots This sport bike allows you to travel 150% faster on level ground. Includes space tires, air pump and has some nice color and Acro-Sport decals. In the mountains and rough terrain however, it allows you to travel at 150% speed due to its smaller, more bumpy tires and maneuverability.

Electronic Gear

There are various electric gadgets that can help you on your journey.

Name Price Size Description
Town Map p200 4 A screen scroll that displays your current location on a map provided from a satellite. It is solar powered and does not need to be recharged otherwise. However it can’t work in moonlight or with artificial or Pokemon-made light.
Poke Gear p1000 1 slot Poke Gear allows you to do 4 things: look at the time, make calls, look at a map, and listen to the radio. Satellite fed.
Item Finder p5,000 5 slots When active, these rods detect man-made objects that might be hidden near by, Adds 2D to Perception when looking for Loot.
Vs. Seeker p5,000 1 slot The Vs. Seeker has 2 functions. It alerts you when a trainer with a Vs. Seeker is in the area. It also can call trainers in your area can lead them to you and you to them. Satellite fed.
Frame Checker p5,000 2 slots Allows you to look up someone, learn about them, or send them a message. Satellite fed.
Silph Scope p5,000 2 slots A set of headgear that allows you to see ghost Pokemon when they are invisible or using an illusion, Perception + 2D vs ghost illusions.
Pokenav p5,000 2 slots A device that functions as a GPS, Trainer Tracker, and Pokemon condition checker. Satellite fed.
Poketech p1,000 1 slot This device has several functions and add-ons. Its factory functions are map, clock, calculator, memo pad, step counter, and Pokemon happiness meter. + p100 for each add on. Satellite fed.
XTransceiver p1,000 1 slot A device that can tell time, show you a map of you area, make video calls, look for battles on the Vs. Seeker network, and other functions. + p100 for each add on. Satellite fed.
Laptop Computer 10,000 10 slots This is a small yet durable laptop with a long battery life (2 weeks) between charges. The power of the net is at your fingertips. You can write Do any of the function described in previous gadgets and more. Opens up the Computer Use Skill Starting at 2D. WIFI fed. Satellite transceiver adds p1,000 to price.

Key Items

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